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Tom started the meeting off and said, “Well, now that we are all back in Los Angeles; it is time for us to start to see exactly where we are and take stock of any assets that we may or may not have and if we are able to continue on with this case collectively or do we split up our combined efforts once and for all. The family is not as forthcoming as we thought they would have been.

It seems once we hit town, we talked to Kristen Foster’s old elementary school teacher.

If it did then it has been wiped clean by the police and the local DA’s office.

Both departments just put up one road block after another when we requested copies of the incident.

The brother-in-law Donny Foster an ex-police Captain of the Pittsburgh Police Force stated that either someone from the courthouse or from the Latrobe Police force leaked small details out about what really took place in that house that night but no one knows who the actual person was.” Danny chimed in, “The family and the teacher both told us that there was an incident that took place in the Foster home.

That the young girl Kristen Foster and her family had suddenly picked up and left Latrobe with nothing on their backs.

If this theme does not sit well with you then please leave now and move on to something that actually interests you.

Meanwhile back in Los Angeles at FBI headquarters: Tom was standing in front of a huge white eraser board that had various head shots on it that formed a pyramid with notes scribbled around each picture.

Assembled in the room was a combination of his Organized Crime Task Force of New York City, Eric, Danny, Travis and Jeremy.

With that the DA’s office just won’t budge an inch either.

The police reports basically say that two patrol officers went out to the Foster house to look into a disturbance that night.

There are several different stories about where the family eventually ended up.

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