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The Postal Service says consolidating sorting facilities will have no additional service impact, but the postal employees union has disagreed on that assertion.The issue of local delay is separate from a long term nationwide plan by the USPS that's set to go into effect on January 5th, 2015.This post office served as the regional mail center for the 193xx group of zip codes and post offices, and much of the mail from this area to the rest of the country bore a Southeastern, PA 193xx postmark instead of the actual zip code of origin.Prior to closing, Southeastern processing was being studied for consolidation with other facilities due to the excess capacity in the postal network.Located across the street from a NIPSCO building, it's hard to imagine the post office no longer there. It will be just one more landmark building to be lost in a city of too many losses."It's a crime is what it is," said La Quita Sanders of Gary, who's been using the post office for nearly a half century. "City officials are against the consolidation plan and they, too, just learned of the plan's final phase deferral, according to La Losa Dent Burns, the city's director of communications. Together, they talk in a foreign language of recipes, cooking styles and cuts of meat.I remember going there as a kid, more than 40 years ago, to drop off U. Last Saturday, Raymond drove from his home in Wood Dale, Ill., to sample Howard's delicious food, and I just happened to be there for a book signing event.

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Raymond, who now operates Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue restaurant and catering in Wood Dale, is at the point in life where making a difference means more than making money.

To help locate the nearest USPS passport service, please use: https://com/go/POLocator Action.action Contact Staff Writer Teresa Yinmeng Liu at [email protected] 530-477-4236.

Percy Jones slid out a side door of the Gary post office on Martin Luther King Drive and handed me a handwritten note.

Today, total First-Class Mail is delivered in an average of 1.8 days.

When the new service standard changes are implemented, First-Class Mail will be delivered in an average of 2.1 days.

Pop culture fads, marketing trends, societal changes — he's seen it all from his shoebox-sized store in a dated strip mall on Taft Street. (Jerry Davich)"So they're going to take all of our mail into Illinois and then drive it back here to distribute it? "Deferred consolidation activities will resume in 2016." Scott Lo Baido kept looking to the sky while painting an American flag mural on American Legion Post 100 in Lake Station. Scott Lo Baido kept looking to the sky while painting an American flag mural on American Legion Post 100 in Lake Station. (Jerry Davich)So Jones and his fellow workers have a one-year reprieve at this point."But they're still closing it," Jones said. Hard to believe, considering the heavy customer traffic it attracts. Pete Visclosky, D-Merrillville, also voiced opposition throughout the process."I have actively opposed the consolidation since it was initially proposed because the facility's central location offers quick access to a variety of transportation methods, including several interstate highways, airports, and seaports," Visclosky said. Jones will share his colleagues' concerns on my "Casual Fridays" radio show at noon Friday on WLPR 89.1-FM, streaming at Sweet Baby Ray His name is Dave Raymond but he goes by his barbecue-styled nickname, "Sweet Baby Ray." Yes, the same name on millions of labeled bottles of barbecue sauce and other products.

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