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Yet the problem is growing at a fair lick: fully 49% said their data volumes were growing annually at 20-50% and a fifth had growth rates over 50%.The same sample had live MDM implementations in 56% of cases, with a further 14% imminent, in line with previous Information Difference surveys.Of course the survey respondents were to some extent self-selecting, in that they knew the topic was big data.Even so, this high level of active projects – as distinct from research – was much greater than we had anticipated.Hence, from the sample base, there were plenty of companies with both MDM and active big data projects. Fully 59% claim that they are, with only 7% seeing no link between MDM and big data.The survey asked a number of further questions about the likely ways in which the two could interact: you can imagine that an existing MDM hub could provide the (say) customer data that could help drive an analysis of web traffic, perhaps looking for multi-channel behaviour of existing customers.The Information Difference, an analyst firm of which I am CEO, conducted a survey in late 2012 to try and get some hard data to help peer through the hype.

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If you sell databases for a living then there is an obvious connection, but master data (shared data such as customer, product and location) is usually relatively small in volume: a few million product data records would count as large and only in B2C companies do you get customer records in the tens or sometimes low hundreds of millions, able to be dealt with comfortably by current database technology.

The response was clear: a resounding 94% felt data governance was either “important” or “essential” to big data.

It was almost as clear with data quality, with 80% saying data quality was of “key importance” to big data projects.

In 2003 the largest data warehouse in the world was 30TB in size but, by late 2012, Teradata had 25 customers with petabyte-sized data warehouses, an increase of over 30 times in a decade.

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However, while such data volumes are clearly a challenge, it is less clear how connected they are to master data.The most popular choice was for existing MDM data to help drive big data searches.