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In addition to doing all the domestic chores, they do menial farm work; feeding and tending to the animals and collecting fuel wood.

A few educated women are in government and private jobs.

The Yadav have emerged as a dynamic community in politics and administration and are quite prominent in state and, even, national level politics.

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There are a few landless among them who work as daily-wage, agricultural or industrial labour.As they mixed with local cattle-breeders, they gradually settled down, becoming peasants and continued farming and animal husbandry.Over time the Yadav acquired political power and founded kingdoms that flourished in various parts of ancient and medieval India.An integral source of their livelihood comes from the production and sale of dairy products. Many of them are small-scale farmers with some with large holdings.

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In fact, much of the new legislation since India’s independence is land-related which has benefited the Yadav people immensely and a large number, who were once merely cultivators, have become landowners.Monogamy is the common practice, but in exceptional circumstances a second wife is allowed, for instance, if the first wife is barren.

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