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17-Sep-2017 00:04

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NEW YORK — There’s a host of reasons why some parents are reluctant to let their youngsters have a smartphone.They fear the kid will spend too much time on the device, when they should instead be doing their homework or playing outside with friends.After the actual app launch, parent and child are meant to go through the Family Link installation process together and, to the degree possible, agree on digital ground rules.As a starting point, you create a Google Account for your kid; if he or she already has one, you must choose a new account from scratch.They fret kids will be exposed to age-inappropriate material, in effect entering the cyber-equivalent of some dark alley.They worry, too, that the child might lose the device.

kids dating sites 13 under-69

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When your child turns 13 they are aged out of Family Link and can effectively graduate to an unsupervised status.Google Now is not available to kids; I’m told the Google Assistant will be available on certain devices.