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02-Jan-2018 16:43

But you reply and communicated the relevant information, namely that you are too old for her, and there is nothing left for you to say.

You have no way of knowing who this girl’s parents are (and no way to know if it really wasa 14-year-old girl, which should be no surprise to you), and the odds of your being able to track them down and warn them to keep a closer watch on her internet activities are vanishingly small.

In April, she came over to my house and tried to kill herself using some old medications of mine.

I called an ambulance, talked to doctors, filled out paperwork, and called her parents.

Do not allow some parental or chivalrous fantasy to delude you into thinking you should have any further contact with this person.

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That’s not to say you shouldn’t treat one another with respect and seek to compromise wherever possible, but if you want to discuss the possibility of loosening some of your sexual restrictions for a while because you don’t have the same experience as your boyfriend and wish you did, that should at least be on the table as something you two can talk about.

But for now, consider her as someone who is unavailable until further notice, and don’t try to rush back into a relationship that so recently ended in such a catastrophic fashion.