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When they get too noisy, I transfer them, with the computers, to the porch outside. All three of these kids have learned English pretty well and are pretty proficient in reading and writing all of which they have learned from the computers and watching TV.

Gary Evon, Checking my notes from when I talked to Melvin Pederson, your are absolutely correct.

That lake was right on the county line and one mile west of our place.

Is that lake named after the family you have been discussing?

Grandma was beside herself and I am sure the influence of alcohol was weighed and condemned.

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I don’t remember who actually won the rifle, but I know at one time it was on display at the Bottineau Courthouse.

I’ll bet your mother, Leola Hiatt Lagerquist, remembers the Pederson family pretty well.

When I talked to Bev Handeland Hamnes, cousin to the Pederson siblings, she said Charles’ nick name was Sonny. We have a wide driveway and I did finish shoveling it out.

I know they are gone, but with all the problems with identity theft now, why give anyone a leg up? I remember well when your brother Clarence drowned in Pederson lake. If I remember correctly they found his body near the NW side of the lake? The lake is pretty small, so he may have swam over to that area. Gary Tracy, I have added you to our distribution starting with today’s message.

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And as far as your readers are concerned, I really don’t think if makes a difference to us if that data block is missing. Keith Keith, We have high humidity but not sultering. Almo, It’s been nearly 45 years since I have seen you, but after seeing you in these Video’s, I sure recognize you as belonging to the Pladson family. I believe your parents are Lyle (61) and Sharon Pearson (62) Zeiler.I always thought if was Peterson, but perhaps I was/am wrong and it’s Pederson Lake. For that matter, how about Hartley Lake and Sand Lake?

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