Dating for single parents nz

24-Sep-2017 04:32

Is my new friend child friendly, and willing to share my time with my children?

We provide an easy way for single dating klub to meet, connect and fall head over heels in love! Other counsellors would take this even further, saying that after a divorce it takes one year of healing for every four years of marriage.

It is very confusing for children if they meet intermittent people in their parents' life as it doesn't show a child that a relationship is a long term arrangement and this is an important model for children to learn.

When it comes to introducing your new partner to your children, Phillips advises waiting at least a few months.

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Attending an event for solo parents removes the awkwardness experienced by some divulging that they have children and easier to find someone that is accepting of the fact that you have a child or children from a previous relationship. The days of barn dances or Aunt Betty trying to set you up with your second cousin's best friend are long gone!

These events are open to all solo parents as well as people who are open to dating a single parent. Speed Dating is the new phenomenon for our fast-paced lifestyle.

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This article appeared originally in Little Treasures magazine.

Being a single mother can be extremely difficult and exhausting with hardly any time to yourself.

Feel like you are the only single parent going through this ordeal?

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Phillips suggests the following tips for introducing partners and children.Would you want them being a step-parent to your children?