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" and ask yourself whether it seems wise to insist that "if the earth is not young, the Bible is not true." You can jump to Selected Topics or begin with these — and summarizes Scientific Evidence for an Old Earth from a wide range of fields.

• Deborah Haarsma & Loren Haarsma briefly summarize Geological Evidence [before 1840] for an Old Earth.

• Greg Neyman, from Answers in Creation, examines stratigraphy (science of geological layers) in the western United States, especially the Grand Canyon, and Earth History evaluates young-earth theories in the conclusion of a 5-part series about the Grand Canyon.

• Dan Wonderly — The Date of Creation: Bible-Compatible Evidences for Great Age and other resources from Wonderly.

The reliability of radiometric dating is challenged in AIG's Answer Book (Ham, Sarfati & Wieland) and by Clyde Webster and in Arthur Chadwick's 56-part FAQ but Brent Dalrymple responds to these criticisms.

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The overviews & responses above also include some astronomy, especially in Humphreys (topics 1-3), and TO's Topic-List & Tiscareno (astronomy plus the final topic in page, Star Distances).

We should use all of the information provided for us by God, so usually the reasons for adopting an "age of the universe" view are both scientific (the focus in this page) and theological (the focus in AGE OF THE EARTH & UNIVERSE - THEOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVES).

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